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Baker Mayfield

Before we get into the list of the highest selling Baker Mayfield rookie card. Let’s first look at his career from high school up to his NFL debut. Investing in sports cards doesn’t start with how well players perform on the field. You want to make sure the player has a stellar career off the field as well. Otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of over paid cardboard. 

Baker Mayfield was born in Austin Texas. He is the younger of two sons to James and Gina Mayfield. His father, James Mayfield, played football for three years for the University of Houston, so it’s no wonder growing up that Jason was always a fan of the sport. However, his sport of choice was baseball. He loved to watch it on ESPN and even had dreams of growing up and playing for the Rangers.

When he first started in football, Mayfield originally wanted to be a wide receiver, but he openly admitted that he wasn’t fast enough. After his coach realize that he had a connection with baseball, he was moved to quarterback. There the young Mayfield seemed to thrive in the position.

Lake Travis High school success

In high school, Mayfield was the starting quarterback for the Lake Travis Cavaliers football team. With his talent at quarterback Mayfield was able to lead his team to the record of 25-2 in two seasons. With that Stellar record, Mayfield was also able to win the 2011 4A State Championship.
Being recruited out of Austin Texas, Mayfield was a three-star recruit on multiple different platforms (ESPN and 24/7 Sports included), finishing his high school career with a total of 6255 passing yards, 67 touchdowns, and just eight interceptions.

strong start to his college career

Going into college in 2013, Mayfield played for Texas Tech. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Mayfield was named the starting quarterback following an injury to then-starter Michael Brewer. Never before has there been a true freshman quarterback in the starting position as a walk-on on opening day, but Mayfield didn’t disappoint.

mayfield's college debut

In his first game, Mayfield threw for 413 yards and four touchdowns. His completion rate at the time, 43 completions of 60 attempts, set a record at the school and came just shy of an NCAA Division 1 FBS record. With the strong start to his college career and a strong follow-up game, Mayfield placed himself in a position to be nominated for multiple different awards and to effectively place his name in categories with other great quarterbacks for Texas Tech. Unfortunately, Mayfield got injured which effectively stunted his stellar progress and brought in another freshman, David Webb, to take over his starting position.

turmoil with texas tech

Be that as it may, Mayfield was still named one of 10 finalists for the Burlsworth Trophy (awarded to the best player in Division 1 football who began his career as a walk-on), and Mayfield also won the Big 12 Conference freshman offensive player of the year in 2013. With all of these accolades under his belt, the future was looking bright. However, turmoil with the coaching staff at Texas Tech sent Mayfield to the University of Oklahoma in January of 2014.

missing the 2014 season because of his transfer

Mayfield stated that his transfer was due to “scholarship issues” and the perception of his earned starting position (to which he lost after injury). There was a lot of (he say she say) on both sides, but ultimately the relationship of Mayfield and Texas Tech had to come to an end. Taking the good with the bad, Mayfield was granted a transfer, but because of a rule in the Big 12 Conference restrictions, Mayfield was not allowed to play in the 2014 season.

2015 season as starting quarterback at oklahoma

When the 2015 season started, Mayfield was named the starting quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners after winning his position in a competition against Trevor Knight. His first game against Akron, Mayfield totaled 388 passing yards and three touchdowns to go on to a resounding win of 41-3. This would be just the beginning of an outstanding college career that Mayfield had, including a historic game against now NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

getting backlash for his actions

Unfortunately, with all of this success, Mayfield has also garnered a large amount of backlash for his actions. Call it the adrenaline from winning, the testosterone from playing such a high demanding sport, or whatever else you want to call it, but Mayfield found himself in situation after situation during were he had to issue multiple apologies to his teammates, his school, and the fans. The most notable incident in Mayfield’s life at this point was his interaction with the police, which led to charges on the young QB.
The accumulation of incidents had many scouts believe that taking Baker Mayfield in the draft would be more detrimental to their team than beneficial. With that, his level of talent, mixed with the large the number of awards including MVPs, championships, and a Heisman Trophy, lead most teams to understand how valuable he was.

preparing for the rise

baker mayfield rookie NFL debut 2018
Photo by Erik Drost

One of those teams that saw his value was The Cleveland Browns, a team that was coming off one of the NFL’s worst single-season records. The Browns had so much faith in Mayfield that they drafted him number one overall and gave him a very lucrative rookie contract with over $32 million in guarantees.

With this money came an abundant amount of weight being put on Mayfield’s shoulders, even though at the start of the season he was not the starter. Before the draft, the Cleveland Browns acquired quarterback Tyrod Taylor to lead their team out of the mud, but that relationship didn’t last long.

baker mayfield's first taste of the nfl

As the season progressed, and the Browns were still losing, Mayfield got his first taste of being an NFL player in a week three game against the New York Jets. This start came with an injury to Tyrod Taylor. At this point, they were already losing 14-0, but Baker Mayfield was able to turn that all around. The game finished with him completing 17 of his 23 passes, 201 yards passing, and leading the Browns to a comeback victory of 21-17. Thus ending their losing streak at 19 games and heralding the new era of Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns.

browns have found a gem

For a team desperate to prove that they are in fact competitors in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns had found a gem in Baker Mayfield. With his play and his mindset, Mayfield followed up a loss to Oakland with a masterpiece. He threw for 342 passing yards and added a touchdown to earn his first Victory as a starter against conference rivals the Baltimore Ravens.
Mayfield would follow the string of games with more masterful performances that would lead the Cleveland Browns to the success that they have not felt for a very long time. There were some bumps in the world, and just like in college, they centered more on Mayfield’s antics than his play.

trouble with the coaches

He got into trouble with gestures towards opposing coaches on the sideline, while also getting into trouble with the league office for performing supposedly obscene gestures towards his offensive coordinator. Be that as it may, there was no doubt in that his success was mounting and his skill level would only lead him to greater horizons.

most touchdowns thrown in a rookie season

Completing his rookie season, Mayfield would gain the admiration of his fellow teammates and other NFL stars in the League. He would also gain many different accomplishments, like the AFC offensive player-of-the-week, and the NFL rookie of the week Pepsi fan vote. However, the most notable accomplishment that Mayfield would gain at the end of the year was passing Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson for most touchdowns thrown in a rookie season with 27.

One of the most compelling aspects of Baker Mayfield’s game is his ability to put his mind to the test on the field. What does this mean? Simply, when he goes on the field, it’s about winning and nothing more. That mentality is the reason that most successful NFL players can uplift their teammates around them and build for future victories.

This mentality came into play in his first game as an NFL player when he was leading a downtrodden team to a victory over the New York Jets. It’s seen in his game, the ability to effectively bond with his teammates and get them involved more with the game.
baker mayfield training camp cleveland browns 2018
Photo by Erik Drost

arm strength

Being able to move the ball down the field is a quarterback’s main objective. Mayfield can do that better than most because of his arm strength. When he steps back into the pocket, his main goal is to throw the ball down the field, and he does this with arm strength and technique.
It’s not the tightest throw in the NFL or the most precise throw, but his throwing motion is very effective. This Talent is most notable in a lot of different players who also use to play baseball, which Mayfield did.


When it comes down to him using his mobility to move in and out of the pocket and being able to extend plays, he’s able to do that while also being able to look off defenders. Adding this to his knack for moving the ball himself, makes this skill invaluable. Furthermore, He can take the ball, tuck it and rush in for a touchdown like it was a walk in the park. Defenses will be fumbling all over themselves trying to cover this triple threat quarterback in 2019. 

Solid accuracy

When it comes to hitting short to intermediate routes, Mayfield is money. He had a 71% completion percentage at Oklahoma which is pretty darn good. This may partly be the result of one of his biggest weaknesses, his inability to throw the ball away. 

Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns Quarterback
Photo by Erik Drost

reading defenses

Something that has followed Mayfield for most of his career is his ability to lock-on to a pre-snap read. When he’s in the pocket and before the snap, if it is a dummy D, basically a defense that is showing Blitz but backs off after the snap (or any other trick formations), his adjustments aren’t fast enough. What this does is causes mistakes to be made after the snap because of a panic that sets in.

decision making

Which brings us to the next problem that Mayfield faces while being in these situations, which is holding the ball too long. When Mayfield tries to extend a play off of a bad read, he usually finds himself in various situations. These situations can range from him using his mobility to extend a play out of pocket and falling into a sack, or it could lead to him trying to fit the ball in a tight window and it being intercepted or deflected at a crucial moment.

highest selling baker mayfield rookie card list


2018 Panini Contenders Optic Baker Mayfield Rookie card Ticket Autograph Orange Parallel

Highest Selling Price: $1,499

Baker mayfield rookie ticket auto orange parallel 2018 panini contenders optic
2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Rookie Auto Orange Parallel

A 2018 Panini Contenders Optic Orange parallel serial numebred out of only 25 Baker Mayfield Rookie Ticket autograph on-card auto sold for $1,499. There are currently non PSA graded. There is currently one at auction right now with a max bid of $1,200. 


2018 Panini Prizm - Baker Mayfield Rookie card Penmanship Black Finite one of one autograph

2018 panini prizm baker mayfield rookie penmanship---black-finite-autograph---one-of-only-one-in-existence-graded-bgs-9---mint-condition sold for $1,525
2018 Panini Prizm Baker Mayfield Rookie Auto

2018 Panini Prizm Black Finite autographs come limited to only 1 copy of each player. The #1 Baker Mayfield rookie Black Finite Penmaship one of one sold for just $1,525 recently. This example was graded by BGS and was deemed to be in mint condition. 


2018 Panini One - Baker Mayfield Rookie card - Nike Swoosh Patch Auto

Highest Selling Price: $2,500

2018 Panini One Baker Mayfield Rookie Nike Swoosh Patch Auto​
2018 Panini One Baker Mayfield Rookie Card Nike Patch Auto

Limited to only five copies this Panini One Baker Mayfield rookie card fetched $2,500 at auction. The horizontal layout was surely a design must in order to allow for that huge Nike swoosh patch and brilliant autograph. Being limited to only five copies makes this one of Mayfield’s rarer Nike patch auto’s. 


2018 Leaf Limited Baker Mayfield Rookie card NFL Shield Patch Auto

Highest Selling Price: $2,650

2018 Leaf Limited Baker Mayfield Rookie NFL Shield Patch Auto
2018 Leaf Limited Baker Mayfield Rookie NFL patch auto

Another great design can be found in the 2018 Leaf Limited NFL shield autograph parallels. Not only do you acquire a NFL patch worn by Mayfield, but you get a prominently displayed autograph as well. Furthermore, the one of one stamp adjacent to the auto makes this card even more enticing. In addition to the attractive design, the vertical layout will allow this card to display nicely in a PSA case. 


2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Rookie card rookie of the Year Auto 1/1

Highest Selling Price: $3,000

2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Rookie of the Year Auto one of one
2018 Leaf Limited Baker Mayfield Rookie NFL patch auto

Interestingly, this one of one auto sold for more than the previous one of one patch auto. The sale date was a tad later in Mayfield’s career which is surely the reason is landed such a heavy price tag. Regardless of why it sold for more, this card is still truly unique and will make a great addition to a Baker Mayfield rookie card collection. 

watch on youtube


2018 Panini Select Baker Mayfield Rookie card Patch Auto one of one

Highest Selling Price: $3,500

2018 Panini Select Baker Mayfield Rookie Patch Auto one of one
2018 Panini Select Baker Mayfield Rookie Patch Auto one of one

Die-hard Mayfield fans will surely be chasing this one of one in the coming years. The Ginormous NFL patch takes up roughly 1/8th of the retail space on the front. That thing is massive! Sitting below the patch is Baker’s signature in blue ink over a white background. Panini did a great job making this card shine with the “xfractor” squares making this card stand out from the rest. 


2018 Immaculate Collection Baker Mayfield Rookie card Emerald Parallel Autograph #ed/ /12

2018 Immaculate Collection Baker Mayfield Emerald Parallel Rookie Autograph #ed /12​
2018 Immaculate Collection Baker Mayfield Rookie Emerald Parallel Autograph

Another horizontal displayed due to a massive patch is the Panini Immaculate Collection rookie auto patches. This is the green Emerald parallel example and is limited to only 12 copies. On top of that, PSA has declared this example to be in gem mint condtion, making it even more rare. One of the finest Baker Mayfield rookie card patch autos graded PSA 10 I have seen so far. I’m surprised the selling price was only $3,899. 


2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield rookie card Clear rookie ticket autograph #ed /10

2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Clear rookie ticket autograph
2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Clear rookie ticket auto

In their 2018 Contenders product, Panini brought back the clear acetate cards. To young collectors this is new, but to older collectors the clear acetate cards are old school. Regardless of your collecting experience, these cards are back and with a punch. Collectors are climbing over one another to add these to their collection. Since they aren’t made up of card stock, I’m curious to know how exactly PSA grades these. Comment below if you remember the clear acetates cards or if you have any of them graded. 


2018 Panini Playbook Baker Mayfield rookie card patch booklet

2018 Panini Playbook Baker Mayfield rookie patch booklet
2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Clear rookie ticket auto

Ok, so this really doesn’t count as a rookie card but because of it’s unprecedented patch count, it deserves to be on this list. The 2018 Panini Baker Mayfield rookie patch auto booklet is nothing less than incredible. You literally have Mayfields locker compiled onto three fold able sheets with his autograph as the centerpiece. I’m not sure if PSA of BGS has the capabilites to encase these but I surely would if they do. Can you imagine showing this to your buddies? The first thing they would want to do is fold it into one piece like any old brochure found in the mail. 


2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Rookie card Cracked Ice Autograph

2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Rookie Cracked Ice Autograph
2018 Panini Contenders Baker Mayfield Clear rookie ticket auto

What a deal the buyer got on this incredible Baker Mayfield rookie card auto. The Cracked Ice parallels have pretty much been dominating the hobby across all sports for the past few years. You don’t have the best of the best unless you have the Cracked Ice rookie auto. Being in a BGS 9.5 case doesn’t demote the value at all. Yes, I would prefer a PSA 10 case but like I’ve said before, buy the card not the case. 

2019 Super Bowl Contenders?

We’ll see if any other cards manage to overtake the Cracked Ice auto for the number one spot in the 2019 season. I know everyone is secretly hoping the Browns make it to the Super Bowl this year. Watching Baker Mayfield play is going to be a thrilling show. 


To say that the future is bright for Baker Mayfield is an understatement. Right now he is a franchise quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and they are not looking back from their decision. This pressure could make or break a great quarterback, and most analysts believe that Mayfield has the mentality to take this pressure and succeed.
The main thing that he has to look out for when he is trying to reach the stardom that he can achieve as an NFL quarterback is his antics and the situations that he finds himself in. If he’s able to dial back his ego and put the team first, while also managing the egos of his teammates as their leader, then there is no doubt that Baker Mayfield could become one of the best quarterbacks currently in the NFL.

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