best green cards for commander format mtg edh deck building
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Building a mono green deck and want to know what are the best green cards in commander format? Let’s look into the color meanings and ideas first.

The five colors in MTG have distinct characteristics. Each one embodies emotions and feelings we all have one. One of the best attraction towards playing Magic is how players relate to the values of their individual color, or colors.  

Green cards background

The color of nature is green, there is no easier way to say that. Green believes that the world is exactly as it should be if left unchecked. Nature should be allowed to reign supreme over all living things. Green believes that everyone has a place in the world’s ecosystem. It may be as a predator or maybe as prey but everyone and everything fits somewhere.

While white is the clear king of organizing the masses. Green believes in community and interdependence. It’s much easier to solve problems and grow as beings if you do it together as friends. These values are evident in cards like Gaia’s Cradle or green’s sub-theme of elves.

Green has a survivor's instinct

The color green is purely instinctual. It’s color represents all things primal and entails a survivor’s instinct. It’s all about growing and ensuring your own survival through strength and a sense of interdependence with nature. 

Green is growth and flourishment

Another part of this community sub theme is growth for all. Growth together as a group, growth for nature without being stopped, rampant growth, giant growth, wild growth, titanic growth… 

Green is the color of flourishing; it believes everything should keep growing. This is why you see cards like Gaea’s Revenge, Thragtusk and Krosan Cloudscraper. Board development is everything in green decks.

Green Strengths

Greens biggest strength is its raw power. No other color possesses the primal fury that green does. Green decks have the biggest everything including the biggest creatures, the biggest combat tricks just everything is bigger with green. True growth in every way possible is green’s real strength.

Green Weakness

The problem with green is that it’s one of the more passive colors. It doesn’t go out of its way to perform actions that will interfere with the natural order of things. Destroying artifacts, enchantments or man-made structures are fine because those things were unnatural to begin with. 

But, green won’t directly manipulate the force of death or fire to kill a creature. Direct creature removal is rare in green. Fight effects like Wild Instincts and Savage Punch are greens preferred method. If you want to kill a creature with a green deck, you better have a bigger creature to combat it with. That’s the natural way of green. Green fights head on, matching power versus power. The outright refusal to use unnatural combat tactics is green’s ultimate weakness.

Top 10

Best green Cards in Commander Format

#10 Birds of Paradise

MTG Best Green Cards in Commander Format Birds of paradise
Shop Birds of Paradise

Number 10 on our list is Birds of Paradise. Which is a very simple card but definitely one of the better green cards you can choose from. Birds of Paradise is gonna see play in just about any green deck, as long as it’s not mono green. Your typical mono green deck won’t need Birds of Paradise because you’ll have a Llanowar Elves. Mana fixing is crucial in Commander and this taps for only one mana of any color.

Flying creatures in green decks

Green has the least flying creatures. However, Green is the best when it comes to dealing with flying creatures. With Green decks you have cards that remove flying from a creature until end of turn Canopy Claws is a great example. Cards that deal damage to creatures with flying, cards that destroy creatures with flying, punishing an opponent for having flying creatures and so on.

The few flying creatures you’ll find in Green decks are birds, insects, and other small animals. Birds of Paradise, Killer Bees, and Uktabi Drake are some that make up for their physical weakness with useful abilities. 

Blocking fliers is great

A huge underrated aspect of Birds of Paradise is the fact that you get a flying blocker. Having a flying blocker is great and you don’t really hear players talk about this aspect of Birds of Paradise.

Having a 0/1 out there can block for fliers and that’s about. You have a chump blocker that can deal with fliers. It’s fantastic early in the game. Yes, it’s a very simple card but, what it brings to the table is something that is fundamentally important to this game and this format. 

Mana fixing and mana ramp?

It does both. When you have a card that is multi-purpose like this, it’s always going to see play in this format across many different decks. Birds of Paradise is a wonderful card and our number 10 best green cards in commander format.

#9 Craterhoof Behemoth

Best Green Cards in Commander Format craterhoof behemoth
Shop Craterhoof Behemoth

Craterhoof Behemoth sees a ton of play in creature based decks and for a good reason. If you have enough creatures, you can pretty much win the game. He gives all your creatures plus X plus X and trample until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control. So, including himself, let’s say you have five other creatures, well that’s plus six plus six and trample. Excellent, you pretty much win in that situation.

If you’re playing tokens, this is almost a definite win because it pretty much gets that trigger off and all your creatures get that huge buff and gaining trample. This makes for a wonderful closer. Flicker it and it’s even deadlier.

#8 Doubling Season

MTG Best Green Cards in Commander Format MTG Green EDH Decks doubling season
Shop Doubling Season

Doubling Season is the best doubling season type effect because it only applies to your cards. If you enter a planeswalker onto the battlefield they enter with double the loyalty counters. Your opponent’s don’t get double the loyalty counters for their Planeswalkers. Their creatures don’t get double the +1/+1 counters, which is very different from cards like Primal Vigor. 

It does more than Parallel Lives because it also deals with +1/+1 counters rather than just doubling tokens. The fact that Doubling Season also double’s tokens is awesome too.

Doubling Season doubles tokens as well

Which is why you’ll see this card being played in a ton of different decks because a lot of players enjoy working with counters and they love working with tokens. 

It is a bit expensive though, which is why you don’t see a ton of people playing it. If it were cheap, more people would definitely play it. Just a very good card to have overall and is our number 8 best green cards in commander format.

#7 Tooth and Nail

best green cards in commander format tooth and nail MTG best
Shop Tooth and Nail

Our number 7 spot is occupied by Tooth and Nail. The description of this card should read “pay 9 mana and win the game,” because essentially, that’s what it does. This card allows you to pull two creatures from your deck and tutor them up to your hand. You do pay 7 mana BUT if you pay just two more mana, you get to put two creatures onto the battlefield! 

Win the game with unbeatable pairs

With Tooth and Nail you can team your Craterhoof Behemoth and another token producing card to get a huge buff on all your creatures. This will allow you pretty much win the game.

Mana production

Green is the top color of mana production and acceleration. It has in its arsenal; land tutors like Harrow, Sylvan Ranger and Sakura-Tribe Elder.  Some creatures that produce mana are  Birchlore Rangers, Birds of Paradise and Gemhide Sliver. Enchantments that increase their lands mana production are Heartbeat of Spring, Overgrowth and Wild Growth. Also, Green can break the “play one land each turn” rule with certain cards.

#6 Oracle of Mul Deya

Shop Oracle of Mul Deya

Oracle of Mul Deya is a very consistent card. It sees play in control decks, creature decks and a ton of other decks. It’s a very consistent and powerful card. What it does is allows you to look at the top card in your library which is making your hand size 8, if you have no maximum hand size. If the top card on your deck is a land, you get to play it, which is great. 

Allows you to play more creatures

Oracle of Mul Deya is super-efficient and that’s what you want in green cards. You want efficiency paired with the ability to play your creatures, getting extra land drops allow you to do that you and you get more mana to work with.

Lands choice and mana production

Because you get to select which lands you do and do not want, you won’t be top decking lands. You’re able to select the lands that you don’t want and put them onto the battlefield. You also get to play two lands a turn. If you are playing a deck where you want to get off to a quicker start this is a great choice. 

She is four mana but, she is capable of giving you a ton of mana over the course of the game. You’re getting an extra land drop, you’re looking at your top decks and you’re deciding whether or not you want to play the land. Oracle of Mul Deya is a solid choice for the 6th best green commander card to have in your deck. 

#5 Krosan Grip

best green cards in commander format krosan grip MTG
Shop Oracle of Mul Deya

Krosan Grip is Really the only removal that stands apart from the rest. Yes, it can only destroy artifacts and enchantments however, the fact that it has Split second means it’s unlike any other removal in the green deck. 

It can deal with target artifacts or enchantments without being responded to. It shuts down combos, which makes it one of the best keywords in the whole game. You get to use this card on cards like Mind over Matter, when they try to combo. Overall, a great card to utilize. 

Capable of solving almost any problem

Split second is capable solving so many problems and so many potential problems in this format. It’s just an amazing card and extremely undervalued. Definitely worthy of the number 5 best green commander card spot on this list.

#4 Eternal Witness

best green cards in commander format eternal witness 2
Shop Eternal Witness

Number 4 is Eternal Witness. Another one of those Birds of Paradise types of cards which is why it’s on the list. It’s a very simple card. When you play her, you get a card back from your graveyard and into your hand. You have so many Green cards with this effect. You get to bring cards, whether it’s creatures or just cards period back from your graveyard to your hand. Eternal Witness gives it to you on a body, which is unlike any other effect.

Eternal Witness is played by many

She does see a ton of modern play. The fact that you get to flicker her over and over again means that she combos with cards like Eerie Interlude. Furthermore, the fact that you can get anything back from your graveyard is always a huge benefit.

She sees play in creature decks to get creatures back. She’s been playing in control decks to get counter spells, kill spells or just anything back from your graveyard. Very good card that is fundamentally sound. It’s what you want in a ton of decks. In fact, there is not a single green deck in the format that shouldn’t consider playing her. Getting things back from your graveyard is always good, it helps you recover, helps you stabilize, she’s just great to have. 

#3 Cultivate

Shop Cultivate

Our number three spot is Cultivate. Which is pretty much the same card as Kodama’s Reach. They do exactly the same thing with the only difference being that Kodama’s Reach is in Arcane so you get Arcane synergy.

However, getting two different basic lands one on the battlefield tapped and one to your hand means that you are technically both ramping and mana fixing. In multicolored decks these cards reign superior over the rest because you get to secure a land drop for future turns, you also get to ramp, you get to mana fix, they’re perfect.

Get off to a great start with Cultivate

Most green decks play this card. In fact, it’s one of the most played card in the entire format because it’s so good at ramping. For only three mana you can stabilize and get your land drops. Get off to a great start with Cultivate.

#2 Survival of the Fittest

best green mtg cards in commander format magic the gathering deck build
Shop Survival of the Fittest

Number three is Survival of the Fittest. It’s very specific towards the creature based decks but its power is undeniable in this format. Paying a green and pitching a creature to the graveyard enables you to tutor up a creature. This sets up so many graveyard strategies in the format. The fact that it only costs 2 mana is another great feature to this card.

Create a variety of creature combo's

In commander, there are a lot of combos based off of creatures. With this card you can tutor up creatures to your hand and combo out all day. Or you can simply put creatures into your graveyard, use something like a Living Death and bring them back. This strategy offers so much versatility and options for your during game play.

Unlike Worldy Tutor

Survival of the Fittest isn’t like Worldly Tutor where you have to put it on top of your deck. With this card, it goes straight to your hand. It’s a devastating, powerful and must have card for any green deck. 

#1 Sylvan Library

best green card in commander format sylvan library magic the gathering deck building
Shop Sylvan Library

Coming in at the number one spot is Sylvan Library. You’re allowed to draw three cards which is great. The catch? You have to pay four life for each extra card that you decide to keep beyond the first one. So, that is a big downside. However, in green, the lack of card draw and the lack of consistency, beyond just mana ramp, is quite noticeable.

Keep the engine going with Sylvan Library

Whenever you’re playing a mono green deck you’ll eventually run out of steam. You’ll have all this mana to work with and creatures to play but you won’t have finishers. You have to draw through all the lands or draw through all the weaker creatures to get to them. Sylvan Library is the engine that can help a mono green deck going.

Sylvan Library essentially offers something that green decks struggle with, consistency. It is one of the few enchantments that is capable of giving you a way of fixing the top deck. It is not just good in green, it is considered one of the best cards in the format. 

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