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Jared Goff: The early years

Born in Novato California, Jared Goff grew up as a fan of NFL legend/Hall of Famer, Joe Montana. Goff was an active kid who dabbled in many different sports and activities. He received his first taste of being a quarterback at the age of seven in his Youth League. Originally lining up with the offensive lineman, Jared’s father, a former professional baseball player, steered his son to what would eventually be considered his profession.

Highschool Standout

Using two words to describe Jared Goff’s High School career, hmm, how about, “Not Bad.” Goff finished high school with a record of almost 100 touchdowns, (93) and less than 20 interceptions (18). He closed this off while having a QB completion rate of 62.2%, while passing for a total of 7,687 yards.

Okay, so maybe “Not Bad” was a little bit of an understatement. Let’s go with something like, “Pretty Good,” Fine, “Outstanding for a high-school QB.” Whatever you want to call it, these stats made him a highly scouted player for many different colleges. But at the end of the day, Goff decided to stay in his home state, becoming a mid-season sign on to the University of California, Berkeley.

Won the starting position at quarterback as a freshman

Like many freshmen entering college, Goff had to work for his dreams. Two valuable candidates were available for the starting QB position, and the job was up for grabs. Never being one to back down from a challenge, Goff eventually won the starting position, becoming the first official freshman to start in Cal history. This was only the beginning for Goff as he went on to 2 dominate in his college career. Finishing the 2013 season with a record of 111, it was hard to find a shining point for Cal, but Goff was the best they could possibly ask for in the dark times.

breaking record after record

He finished that season while setting the single-season record in five different categories. Transitioning into the next 2 years, Goff only got better as the seasons progressed. In his final season with the team, Goff set a new single-season passing yardage record with 4,714, and a new Conference record for most passing touchdowns in a single season, 43. Even more amazing, Goff was the first Cal QB to reach these heights since 2004, when NFL QB, Aaron Rogers accomplished the feat.

left cal early for the nfl draft

Passing up on the opportunity to play his senior year at Cal, Goff decided to enter into the NFL draft scouted as a top prospect. Though there were some physical attributes that didn’t quite add up two other quarterbacks entering the draft, golf’s ability with the ball was undeniable and eventually earned him the number one overall draft pick by the now Los Angeles Rams.

#1 overall draft pick

Coming into the league as the #1 overall draft pick, Jared Goff had a lot of expectations placed upon him. Considering this was the first year for the new Los Angeles Rams to make their imprint on a new city, Goff was seen as the team’s savior. Born in California, raised in California, went to high school and college in California, this and maybe other factors included, put pressure on the young QB to be great right away. 

Case Kenum started the season and was thought of as the example for Goff to learn from. However, when the Rams started to realize that their season had no hope of turning around, it was time for them to see what they had in Goff.

he had a horrendous debut

With a gleam in his eyes and a pep to his step, he took the field ready for his first game as an NFL QB. But to say it didn’t go well would be an understatement. Goff finished his rookie year with a 63% passer rating and threw the ball for 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with many analysts 3 and reporters. Jared Goff was thought to be another NFL bust at the QB position, but in his second year, that all changed.

sean mcvay saves the day

Under the new coaching of Sean McVay, it looked like everything was starting to turn around. A small overhaul of the offense gave Goff some new weapons in the passing game, and a healthy Todd Gurley gave them an unbelievable threat on the ground. 

This would all tie together with a defensive effort by Aaron Donald, which would have him winning the defensive player of the year award, on a defense that was ranked top five. All of these changes were great for the team, but what they did for Jared Goff was put him in a situation where he had the ball more, got sacked less, and was able to show everyone what a capable quarterback he really was.

goff had a stellar 2017 performance

Game after game, the Rams won and proved to the league that sleeping on them, would leave you with nothing but nightmares. Goff finished the season as the comeback player of the year while being one of many Rams players to make the 2017 Pro Bowl. With a bigger test on the horizon, the Rams were in a position to play in the playoffs for the first time in a very long time. 

Through a hard-fought battle, Goff and the Los Angeles Rams were unable to offer much resistance as the Atlanta Falcons came into their Dome and beat them 13-26. Though Goff didn’t record a turnover for the entire game, the same couldn’t be said for his teammates. Recording two fumbles for the game, the Rams were unable to hold on to the ball, and fumbled their dreams of a deep playoff run.



There aren’t many things that can be better attributed to a quarterback than being able to pass the ball effectively. Goff however, has this ability. Throwing the ball into tight coverage, keeping the pass in a tight spiral, and being able to put it just out of reach from the defender, these are things that can’t be stressed enough as a passer. The goal is to give the receiver the best chance to catch the ball while leaving the defender outside of the catch radius. 

His height (6'-5") Helps a lot

Accuracy is more than Goff putting the ball in a particular position, it’s also about being able to maneuver the pass in a way to get past the defensive line. Defensive linemen are strong, tall, wide-bodied, and have a long reach. Fitting the ball around them, over them, and less popular but still doable, under them (okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but you get the point) is a hard thing to accomplish, but Goff does it well.


Being able to tuck and run is a valuable piece to a quarterback’s game. It leaves the defense wondering what will happen and has the defensive coordinator unable to completely isolate the quarterback. Goff’s ability to sense danger in the pocket gives him the intuition to run the ball with his athleticism. However, this could be looked at as a double-edged sword considering most mobile quarterbacks have a shorter career than pocket quarterbacks. 

This is not something that needs to be an every-down situation, however. Being mobile gives you the option when the pocket collapses. It gives the QB an out when their receivers are covered down the field. But mostly, as seen with some of the greats, it gives the QB the ability to fight through contact and keep the play alive.

Strong Arm

Being able to launch the ball at a whims notice is crucial. Especially when in the last few seconds of a game and the coach calls for a hail marry. Well, Goff can not only launch the ball deep down the field 60+ yards, but he can do it accurately. Making him a dual threat thrower. 


Locking in on receivers

Goff has a tendency to lock onto a particular receiver in a route. It’s a sort of tunnel vision; when he sees a receiver that he initially wants to pass the ball to, and he doesn’t scan the field for other options right away. This type of locked-in mentality leads the safety in the direction of the wide receiver or tight end, which in turn causes more interceptions and fewer completions.

Mistakes under pressure

A little column A, a little column B basically means some part of each side is causing the problem. Jared Goff holding the ball too long in the pocket, and the defensive line being able to disrupt his mentality when he feels the pressure. Having an understanding of when to throw the ball, how quick to get the ball out of your hands, and when it’s acceptable to run the ball, are things a great quarterback has to know. 

I’ve seen Goff under pressure in a 2-minute drill and he looked spectacular. Moving the ball down the field, accurate throws, patient, and overall spectacular, then there are the moments when he looks rattled. Pressure closing in on him, he hesitates, makes mistakes and for Goff, the latter situations happen too often.

Living up to the hype

It’s hard to say where Jared Goff and the Rams will go, or should I say how far they can go. The overall timeline of Goff depends on health. However, guessing that he’s healthy for the rest of his career, the sky’s the limit. Being in the system that he’s in right now, with the running back that he has, the coach that he has, the defense that he has on the opposite side of the ball, the Los Angeles Rams and subsequently Jared Goff can be a perennial NFC playoff contender for many years to come.

Top 15 Jared Goff Rookie Card List

2016 Donruss Jared Goff Rookie Card Press Proof PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Donruss Jared Goff Rookie Card Press Proof on eBay

Panini Donruss offers much more affordable options for 2016 rookies. Why break the bank when you can own short printed, low population rookies for half the price? 

The designs are carbon copies of Optic with the exception of parallel identifiers like Aqueous Test and Press Proof. Additionally, the serial numbers are located on the front. A matte finish, similar to the 90’s Donruss cards, is another quality that sets these apart from Optic. 

Parallel Cards:

There are plenty of short printed parallels in the set, but the go-to for me would be the Silver Press Proof numbered out of 100.

Aqueous Test (less than 25 copies per subject), Press Proofs Blue, Press Proofs Green, Press Proofs Red, Season Stat Line #/398 or less, Press Proofs Silver #/100, Press Proofs Silver Die-Cut #/75, Press Proofs Gold #/50, Press Proofs Gold Die-Cuts #/25, Years Stat Line #/20 or less, Press Proofs Black #/10, Press Proofs Black Die-Cuts 1/1.

Population reports on the Donruss base set are still very low. There have only been 2 Silver Proofs submitted to PSA for grading so far. The results were 50/50. 1 Gem Mint 10 and 1 Mint 9. 

2016 Optic HOLO Jared Goff Rookie Card #172​ on eBay

2016 Donruss Optic rookie holo cards are the go-to for a safe investment. With the retail and hobby availability coupled with cards across all sports, Optic made its way into a lot of homes. Every collector both new and old knows this set.

A huge advantage we have right now is the product is still relatively new. All the rookies are relatively new. So the prices are relatively cheap. Don’t wait too long, prices on these cards will surely be going up if Goff goes to the Super Bowl this year. If not, his cards will still appreciate over time. 

61 of Goff’s Holos have been submitted so far. 47 of those were in Gem-Mint 10 condition. 13 were in Mint 9 and 1 got a NM-MT+ 8.5. The centering on these cards can be really tough. On the front and the back. The borders can sometimes be as bad as 80/20 on the centering. This will really hold you back from getting a 10 grade. 

As long as the front has even centering, and there is no surface damage, you should land a 10 though. When in doubt, submit. 

2016 Donruss The Elite Series Jared Goff Rookie Card #1 on eBay

Donruss and their Elite Series cards go all the way back to 1991. Donruss baseball made an Elite Series set with a print run of 10,000 to be randomly inserted into the mass-produced Donruss cards. To old-school collectors, these were the cards to get. They were actually pretty valuable back then. 

Luckily, Panini is keeping the tradition alive with their 2016 Donruss Elite Series cards. The design is similar to the original cards with a modern day touch. Serial numbered out of 999 makes them slightly more rare as well. A great card to have in your collection with a very affordable price tag. 

Landing a Gem-Mint 10 grade for one of these appears to be fairly easy. Of the 25 cards submitted, 23 were in Gem-Mint 10 condition. High 10’s are fairly common for the rest of the cards in the set as well. 

2016 Panini Select Jared Goff Rookie Card Prizm PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Panini Select Jared Goff Rookie Card Prizm #229​

Coming off a one-year break, 2016 Panini Select football returned to the hobby with a new base format. Broken into three tiered subsets, the base set totals 300 cards via Concourse Level, Premier Level die-cuts and Field Level versions with increasing rarity. The cards can be determined by two ways. The number and the subset call out on the back of the card. The higher the number pretty much means more rare. 

Of course, you’re going to want the rarer Field Level #229 version, right? Luckily they’re not selling for too much more than the more common Concourse cards. 

Field Level prizm’s aren’t breaking any population report records. There has only been 13 submitted so far. 11 of those were in Gem-Mint 10 condition. 

2016 Crown Royale Jared Goff Rookie Card PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Crown Royale Jared Goff Rookie Card Light Blue #86​ on eBay

2016 Crown Royale football was sold as retail only.  It looks like retail feels like retail and even smells like retail. Which, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some pretty decent looking parallels in the set that increase the overall attractiveness and collectibility. The Light parallel, for instance, has light blue foil ink on the bottom. With a print run of only 99, one could say it’s fairly rare. Wanna go even rarer? Check out the other option below. Platinum /49 are the ones to get. 

PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/249, Pink #/199, Holo Gold #/149, Light #/99, Platinum #/49

2 Light parallels have been submitted and they both received Gem-Mint 10 grades. With the white borders and smoother cardstock, these cars should grade fairly well. 

2016 Leaf Metal Draft Jared Goff Rookie Card Auto PINK PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Leaf Metal Draft Jared Goff Rookie Card Auto on eBay

Leaf Metal Draft offers some clean rookie autographed cards. Not only are the autographs on card autos but the players are in their college uniforms, which is rare in most of the 2016 Panini products. You also have the various color options with limited print runs with this set. Take a look at these parallels. 

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50 or less, Purple #/25 or less, Pink #/20 or less, Black #/15 or less, Green #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Gold 1/1, Super 1/1, Printing Plate Proof 1/1

Surprisingly, there have been only 5 total Jared Goff auto’s submitted for grading. 4 of those 5 received a grade of Gem-Mint 10. 

2016 Panini Unparalleled Jared Goff Rookie Card Patch Auto #201

Panini Unparalleled is a brand new product and it doesn’t fall short with creativity. Inserted 1 in 2 boxes is the RPA’s. Which, have a horizontal layout, medium sized patch and prominently displayed on-card auto. Although they’re not extremely popular among collectors yet, Unparalleled definitely offers something different. Consider picking up some of the ultra-rare Prime parallel cards listed below. 

PARALLEL CARDS: Orange #/49, Brand Logo #/2, NFL Shield 1/1.
PRIME PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/25, Blue #/10, Green #/5.

The population report for this entire 2016 set is practically empty. The highest populated card is a Tom Brady base card. Now is the time to scoop these up if bright, shiny, kaleidoscope designs are your thing. 

2016 Panini Prizm Jared Goff Rookie Card CAMO Autograph PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Panini Prizm Jared Goff Rookie Card CAMO Auto Prizm on eBay

2016 Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks had lots of options to choose from. My personal favorite parallel is the Camo Prizm. The digital military pattern backdrop makes this card stand out from the rest. It offers a rugged and unique design that’s matched by no other product. Being limited to only 199 copies is an additional trait that will attract collectors. If Camo isn’t your cup of tea, check out the numerous other parallels listed below. 

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prizms, Red Prizms, Camo Prizms #/199, Purple Flash Prizms #/99, Tie Dyed Prizms #/49, Red, White and Blue Mojo Prizms #/25, Gold Prizms #/10, Green Prizms #/5, Orange Prizms #/5, Black Finite Prizms 1/1

Not many of the Jared Goff auto’s have been submitted yet. The pop reports are showing only 14 total auto’s have been graded. That’s including all of the parallels. 7 of the Camo prizms have been sent in and 6 were in Gem-Mint 10 condition. Which, makes them the highest populated card in the set so far. 

Jared Goff Rookie Card 2016 Panini Prizm Purple Scope Rookie Auto PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Prizm Purplse Scope Jared Goff Auto on eBay

2016 was the first year Panini Prizm introduced the Purple Scope parallel. They “refract” like the holo’s but what sets them apart is the spiral pattern in the background. Which, really makes the card stand out from the rest. Additionally, these are limited to only 99 copies. Once all the boxes have been ripped the supply for these will run dry. Collectors will hold on to them as Goff’s career pans out. 

In my opinion, the purple scope cards offer the best design and have the most potential for profit in the future. There are also non-auto parallels that can be acquired for more affordable prices. 

PSA dropped the ball on the population report for these cards. If you look, you’ll notice there are duplicate callouts for the Purple Scope. All we can gather from this is every card that has been submitted, received a Gem-Mint 10 grade. If you’ve got one, submit it. 

2016 Panini Origins Jared Goff Rookie Card Rookie Jumbo Patch Auto PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Panini Origins Jared Goff Rookie Card Rookie Jumbo Patch Auto

Inserted 1 per box were the Rookie Jumbo Patch Autos. Players did not sign the card itself like the other auto’s. Instead, they signed stickers. Very common in Panini products but to collectors, stickers just aren’t the same as on the card. Which may be why these sell for considerably less than the other signed rookie cards. The patches are absolutely outstanding in these though. I have yet to see a 1 color patch. They have been at least 3 colors, which is ideal to most collectors. 

Parallel Cards:

Red #/99, Blue #/49, Turquoise #/25, Gold #/10, Green #/5, Black Nike Swoosh 1/1.

Keep your eyes open for the jumbo rookie patch auto’s. Right now they’re flying under the radar. Only 2 have been submitted to PSA so far. the results were 50/50 with 1 grading Mint and the other Gem Mint. 

2016 Panini Prestige Jared Goff Rookie Card Draft Day Signature on eBay

Panini Prestige was released on 6/8/2016 and offered all the top draft picks from 2016. Draft day signatures were one of the many autograph inserts available in the set. The feature on-card autographs and have 3 different ink colors. 

The blue ink autos have 75 copies or less while the red and green have significantly less. 25 copies of red ink autos exist and only 5 copies of the green are in the rotation. Draft Day Signatures are very rare and hard to come by. Jared Goff blue ink autos are said to have only 30 copies. 

Only 13 Draft Day Signatures have been submitted to PSA so far. That includes all 39 players and all three ink colors. The highest populated card is Dak Prescott with 4 blue ink autos. If these numbered stay this low, the value can be expected to rise drastically over time. 

2016 Optic Jared Goff Rookie Card RED Holo Auto #172​ on eBay

2016 was the first year Panini introduced Optic to the hobby. Being available in both retail and hobby boxes made this set massively popular with many collectors. The short printed rookie auto holos were only available in hobby boxes though. The Red holos are limited to only 50 copies and are the 5th rarest of the 9 auto parallels available in the 2016 Optic set. 

A mere 5 of the Red auto holos have been sent to PSA for grading. 4 of those 5 copies were deemed to be in Gem Mint condition. Oddly enough, all 4 copies have been sold on eBay and PSA has recorded the transactions with their APR on their website. You can view them here. The value has literally doubled and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any. 

2016 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Jared Goff Rookie Card Auto on eBay

Panini Contenders Draft Picks isn’t as hot as Panini Contenders but they’re still highly collectible. It’s one of the few mainstream rookie cards of Goff actually wearing his college uniform. Cal fans will probably be your biggest competitors when trying to acquire a copy of this rare beauty. 

This is one of his two variation cards in the set. Looking ahead and looking to side are the two positions. Looking to side variation is said to have only 50 copies available. 

Getting your hands on a Gem-Mint 10 Cracked Ice auto could prove to be difficult. With only 2 copies in existence, prepare to dish out some big-time moola. Raw copies do pop up on eBay but they don’t last long. 

2016 Panini Contenders Jared Goff Rookie Auto Cracked Ice PSA Gem Mint 10
2016 Panini Contenders Cracked Ice Jared Goff Rookie Card Auto #301​

If you’re going for a Contenders rookie auto, why not aim high? Not the Super Bowl 1/1 ticket but the second best, the Cracked Ice ticket. Everybody knows about Cracked Ice by now. The cards that shine and shimmer when held at an angle. Made to look like, well… cracked ice. Most collectors can only dream of having such a rare and desirable card in their collection. With only 24 copies printed, only the most determined collectors will own one.

With having the second lowest print run, one would think the pop reports are low for the Cracked Ice. With 6 total cards submitted they are the 2nd highest populated card so far. The base card is number 1 with 40 submissions. There are only 3 PSA Gem-Mint 10 Cracked Ice Jared Goffs in existence as of today. 

2016 National Treasures Jared Goff Rookie Patch Auto #101​ on eBay

Two words come to mind when I look at this card. Sick patch! In case you didn’t know, National Treasures blows all other patch cards out of the water. I’m surprised they haven’t managed to fit an entire jersey on a single card yet. Look at the size of that thing! 

Furthermore, the autograph is beautifully displayed directly above his name.  In black ink, on a white background. As all autograph cards should be. The /99 serial number is also prominently displayed on the left hand side of the card. An overall masterfully designed rookie card. The value on these have quadrupled since Sean Mcvay took over as head coach. 

21 of the 99 copies have been submitted to PSA for grading. 11 were found to be in Gem-Mint 10 condition. Which, with patch auto cards, grading can be fairly difficult. The whole production process it takes to “build” these cards can play a heavy toll on them. So, a 52% success rate is pretty good. But don’t expect the price to go down any. 

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