best 2016 & 2017 MTG Kaladesh Inventions cards to get PSA Graded 2
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MTG Kaladesh Inventions | Aether Revolt

Unveiled in 2016, Kaladesh Inventions is unique among Magic sets. Consisting of 54 special foil cards, Kaladesh Inventions expanded on both the Kaladesh (30 cards) and Aether Revolt (24 cards) expansion sets. Although, it’s not technically part of either.

Instead, Inventions represent an independent series of boosters that introduced powerful artifacts to the game. Expanding on the world introduced in Kaladesh, Inventions maintains a similar artistic feel, combining Arabic-inspired architectures, designs, and characters with a steampunk vibe to create an immersive new experience for intrepid Planeswalkers. As a Masterpiece Series set, Inventions adds even more weapons to a player’s magical arsenal—with amazing art as a bonus.

They continue to attract attention

Although slightly less rare than premium mythic rares, these Masterpiece Series artifact cards appeared in only 1 of 144 booster packs so, while valuable, they remain playable only in certain circuits where they’ve been established as legal. Even so, as rare foil cards, they continue to attract attention both for their unique look and for their powerful properties. Because they are printed on reflective glossy foil, these cards almost look like artifacts themselves, a cool trick that lends the game another dimension. But which cards in this unique set are the most valuable, both as collectibles and as strategic additions to a deck? Which ones are worth seeking out? 

Top 10 MTG Kaladesh Inventions Cards


Sword of Feast and Famine | Kaladesh Inventions #28

PSA 9 Mint

mtg kaladesh inventions sword of feast and famine psa graded 9 mint
2016 MTG Kaladesh Sword of Feast Famine

sold for: $126.85

Our first card on the list provides both defensive and offensive boosts, appropriate for an artifact that embodies two opposite principles. Steven Bellidin’s artwork captures this dual nature excellently, with the black scimitar blade contrasting the leafy green hilt but it’s the card’s properties rather than its look that really draws players’ attention. 

+2/+2 Passive Protection

This artifact is especially valuable because it not only confers the holder +2/+2 passive protection from both black and green, but also has two other potent effects when used: forcing the attacked player to discard a card and allowing the user to “untap” all of their lands.

The relatively low protection bonus is one reason why The Sword of Feast and Famine only clocks in at number ten on the list.


Lotus Petal | Kaladesh Inventions #15


2016 MTG Kaladesh Lotus Petal

sold for: $157

The Lotus Petal is more valuable because of its rarity rather than its in-game effects. On the one hand, sacrificing the Lotus Petal allows the player to add one mana of any color to their mana pool, a useful trick to have up your wizard’s sleeve.

Add Mana to your Mana pool

The Lotus Petal is more valuable because of its rarity rather than its in-game effects. On the one hand, sacrificing the Lotus Petal allows the player to add one mana of any color to their mana pool, a useful trick to have up your wizard’s sleeve.

Lotus Petal Artwork

Regardless, Slawomir Maniak’s artwork gives us a detailed glimpse at the artifact, which combines the botanical and the mechanical into a true work of art and a fitting image from Kaladesh’s many intricate machines. The flavor text also gives a great peek inside Kaladesh’s complex energy technologies.


Engineered Explosives | K.I.: Aether Revolt #36

PSA 9 Mint

mtg kaladesh inventions aether revolt engineered explosives psa 9 mint graded
2016 MTG KI: Aether Revolt - Engineered Explosives

sold for: $95

It’s no wonder this card is the bomb! For starters, Engineered Explosives can, effectively, be as powerful as a player wants. As an X cost card, Engineered Explosives gains charge counters equal to the desired mana cost when it’s put into play, allowing this to become an incredibly destructive artifact if appropriately used.

Playing Engineered Explosives

Saving it for later in a match after amassing significant lands is an excellent strategic benefit from this card, and the Sunburst effect makes it a versatile weapon.

Add to that the fact that this effect applies to all nonland permanents in play. Of course, this is a double-edged sword since your own units will also suffer, but that shows just how powerful this card is.

Also, like the Lotus Petal, it’s a one-off, so it functions more like a short-term damage burst than as a reliable damage dealer. James Paick’s rendition of this mana-grenade leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s the customizability of the card that really delivers value here.


Chalice of the Void | K.I.: Aether Revolt #33

PSA 9 Mint

mtg kaladesh aether revolt chalice of the void psa graded 9 mint
2016 MTG KI: Aether Revolt - Chalice of the Void

sold for: $190

Our next card is, like Engineered Explosives, adaptable and extremely useful. The cost of putting the Chalice of the Void in play depends on the desired number of charge counters, but it’s a handy defensive card that allows a player to counter any spell cast with a mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on it. This capability not only gives the card a wide range of potential but also restricts its usefulness considerably since it’s limited to countering just spells with a specially designated mana cost. 

A new take on a classic

Still, as one of several cards in Inventions that appeared in earlier sets (Mirrodin specifically), the Chalice provides players with a new take on a classic. Also, Kieran Yanner’s rendition replaces Mark Zug’s original design from Mirrodin and gives the chalice a more modern look, upping its desirability.


Ensnaring Bridge | K.I.: Aether Revolt #37

PSA GEM-MT 10​​​

mtg kaladesh inventions aether revolt ensnaring bridge psa 10 gem mint
2016 MTG KI: Aether Revolt - Ensnaring Bridge

sold for: $160

The Ensnaring Bridge is one of our favorite defensive cards from Inventions. This card’s a new take on the artifact that appeared way back in MTG’s 8th edition. When put into play, the Bridge limits which creatures can attack you to only those with power lower than the number of cards in your hand.

Restrict your opponent's offensive options

As you can imagine, this can be extremely helpful deep into a match when cards-in-hand run low. Potentially, you can restrict an opponent from using any creatures to attack if you are holding two or fewer cards. There are also no spells capable of getting around this effect. So, the Bridge is super-effective at restricting an opponent’s offensive options.


The artwork by Florian de Gesincourt puts a mechanical spin on the prior edition’s more plant-like appearance. But at the end of the day, Ensaring Bridge remains one of the best late-game defensive tools.


Aether Vial | Kaladesh Inventions #6


2016 MTG Kaladesh Inventions Aether Vial

sold for: $250

And now the top five! The Aether Vial starts the final stretch and definitely deserves a place this high on the list. 

More specifically, its look, its value, and its usefulness give this card a fair amount of clout. Raoul Vitale’s rendition of the vial echoes the artistic style of both the Chalice of the Void and the Lotus Petal but gives an even more intricate look at the twisted designs of Kaladesh’s bizarre machinery. 

Tapping the Vial opens a variety of options

During upkeep, a player can choose to put a charge counter on the Vial, opening up a variety of options. Tapping the Vial allows players to place a creature card with converted mana cost equal to the number of counters. Potentially, this ability allows you to instantly put powerful creatures into play with no mana cost. Easy to see why they’re sought after by Planeswalkers far and wide!


Mana Vault | Kaladesh Inventions #17


mtg kaladesh mana vault psa graded gem mint 10
2016 MTG Kaladesh Inventions Mana Vault

sold for: $250

An MTG staple since the core set of Limited Edition Alpha, the Mana Vault reappears in Inventions. One of two related artifacts (the other being the mythic rare Mana Crypt, #2 on our list), the Mana Vault is a tricky little device. For starters, it doesn’t untap automatically, but instead, players must pay four mana to untap it during upkeep. 

Failing to do so causes the Mana Vault to deal one damage to its owner. 

Emergency Mana Reservoir

This “Catch 22” is a hefty price for the artifact. However, tapping the card provides three colorless mana to your pool. This additional mana acts as a nice reservoir in those moments when you need some extra juice. Mainly, the Vault serves as an emergency mana reservoir.

As useful as the early editions

That said, it remains every bit as useful as it did in earlier editions. Admittedly, the art doesn’t quite live up to Mark Tedin’s original design from ’93, but it’s an update to a classic that reminds players that MTG continually reinvents itself while continuing with a defined tradition.


Mox Opal | Kaladesh Inventions #19


2016 MTG Kaladesh Inventions Mox Opal

sold for: $499.95

All of the Mox gem cards share a legendary place in MTG, with the earliest printings fetching as much as $10,000. Not a bad return on investment if you were lucky enough to get one of Mox’s precious stones in the early days of MTG 25 years ago! Unfortunately, the Inventions booster edition doesn’t quite compare with these old Mox cards as far as value goes. Nevertheless, this card’s rarity was enough to earn it third on our list.

Artwork, strategy and price point

Chris Rahn’s artwork captures the luminous qualities of the Mox Opal encased in intricate brass fixtures. Strategically, this card’s remarkably convenient. 

Explicitly, it allows the player to add mana of any color to their mana pool. However, it is also widely considered illegal for being OP. Its usefulness becomes restricted since its Metalcraft ability can only be used if a player controls three or more artifacts. Still, the Mox Opal is a legendary artifact that demands a legendary price at market.


Sol Ring | Kaladesh Inventions #24


2016 MTG Kaladesh Inventions Mana Crypt

sold for: $425

And now for number two! Rounding out our top ten is the Sol Ring. This incredibly scarce card can fetch up to $500 from the right buyer. Not to mention, it remains a powerful artifact in gameplay to boot. Tapping the Ring adds two colorless mana to a player’s mana pool—without negative side effects.

Artwork, strategy and price point

Unlike most of the other artifacts on this list, there is little downside strategically to using the card. Also, Volkan Baga’s artwork captures the luminous power of the card, the ring itself suspended above an ornate pillar of gold. The flavor text is icing on the cake.

In other words, it poetically describes the artifact as “a band of sunlight made solid.” This rings especially true for the foil edition of the card, a shimmering testament to the power of inventiveness!


Mana Crypt | Kaladesh Inventions #19


mtg kaladesh inventions mana crpyt psa graded 10 gem mint
2016 MTG Kaladesh Inventions Mana Crypt

sold for: $925

The mythic rare Mana Crypt comes in at #1, and for a good reason: it’s super-rare. Strategically, like the Mana Vault, the Mana Crypt is something of a double-edged sword. Once put into play, the card demands the player flip a coin. If the player loses the coin toss, then the Crypt doles out a whopping three damage. 

Tapping the Crypt

However, if the player wins, they escape unscathed. On the plus side, tapping the Crypt produces two colorless mana. Such production is always a great resource. 

Not to mention, it’s free to put into play. But it’s the rarity that really delivers the value with this card. One of only two mythic rares on our list, the Mana Crypt is exceedingly scarce.

Final Thoughts

In the now 25-year history of Magic: The Gathering Sets, Kaladesh Inventions holds a special place. As rare foil boosters, they build on the already rich tradition of artwork and gameplay of MTG. The set also introduced both new inventions and old favorites. This combination shows that Inventions continues to expand on the already complex variety of planes in the Multiverse. Although their legality is often disputed, the value of these cards is indisputable. Subsequently, these ten cards have radically risen in value in just two years since the set’s introduction in 2016.

MRG Kaladesh Inventions cards are growing in popularity and value.

Collectors have their eyes out for these Masterpiece cards in particular, because of their increased market value when compared with other sets. The fact that they are artifacts also sweetens the pot. After all, artifacts are always welcome additions to a deck, no matter the color construction involved. Overall, these artifacts show once again that Magic: The Gathering isn’t just a game. It is an entire culture, and one that stands to provide many new inventions for years to come.

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