Inspecting & Grading Supplies

When you submit your cards to PSA for grading, they don’t just scan the cards with their naked eye to determine what condition the cards are in. Instead, they use tools like magnifying lamps, jewlers loupes, and lights. 

Magnifying Lamp

Go above and beyond when inspecting your MTG, Pokemon and sports cards with a magnifying lamp.

Jewelers Loupe

10X magnification with built in LED light to inspect and grade your cards. A must have for any collector! 

Black Light

Black lights help to identify coloring on borders, print defects, and even fake cards. It’s always handy to have one! 

Magnifying Lamp

Magnifing lamps are used to inspect card surfaces and card centering fast and efficiently. Generally, a magnifying lamp will magnify your vision 2X – 3X. Which will allow you to see minor scruffs, scratches and stains your naked eye can’t see. 

Jewlers Loupe

A jewlers loupe is used when the grader needs to really investigate a corner or a scratch. These puppies magnify your vision up to 30x. Some have black lights installed that allow you to pick up on any staining or discolorations. 

Black Light

If your a vintage card collector, your should definitely have a black light in your arsenal. They pick up on yellowing, staining and discoloration of the card surface. For older cards these work great because PSA will surely deduct from your overall grade if your card has stains on the surface. 

PSA Submission supplies

Card Saver 1's

Submit your cards to PSA in card saver 1’s. They protect your cards during shipping and handling. 

Penny Sleeves

You can never have enough of these lying around. Buy in bulk and save! 

Post-it Flags

Use these on your PSA submissions to allow for a easy removal from the Card Saver. 

Shipping Supplies

Bubble Envelope

These work great for selling and shipping PSA graded cards or for small submission’s to PSA. 

Shipping Tape

You don’t want to go cheap on shipping tape. Buy the good stuff. Buy Scotch packaging tape. 

Utility Knife

If you open a lot of packages or boxes of cards then you’ll need a quality, sharp utility knife.

PSA Storage & Display

PSA Protective Bags

When protecting your PSA graded cards you want to use the sleeves that fit. These are it! 

Graded Card Stand

Display your PSA grade cards with style! Purchase an authentic officially branded PSA holder today! 

Graded Card Boxes

Holds up to 100 PSA graded cards or  over 300 top loaders. Made in the USA!